Focus of Noam Chomsky writing during 1967-2006 (
Prepared on: Tue May 23 13:38:13 EDT 2006
Use stemmer: TRUE
Phrase arity: 2
Unique words: 303,960
Summary of subjects
2006: 5 articles; 39,486 chars; 2,811 unique words
2005: 7 articles; 69,267 chars; 5,569 unique words
2004: 11 articles; 182,771 chars; 13,591 unique words
2003: 9 articles; 131,243 chars; 9,458 unique words
2002: 11 articles; 186,432 chars; 12,775 unique words
2001: 6 articles; 61,325 chars; 4,305 unique words
2000: 5 articles; 131,265 chars; 9,497 unique words
1999: 8 articles; 231,432 chars; 15,967 unique words
1998: 6 articles; 222,901 chars; 16,969 unique words
1995-1997: 15 articles; 718,842 chars; 50,311 unique words
1993-1995: 12 articles; 585,782 chars; 43,062 unique words
1990-1992: 11 articles; 778,613 chars; 56,574 unique words
198x: 8 articles; 293,215 chars; 21,790 unique words
197x: 17 articles; 867,476 chars; 60,436 unique words
196x: 6 articles; 506,003 chars; 36,292 unique words
Vocabulary shared between all subjects
|united states100 |human right91 |york times89 |noam chomsky86 |state department83 |years ago83 |security council80 |united nations80 |boston globe79 |international law78 |national security78 |tens thousands78 |past year77 |took place77 |world war77 |use force77 |latin america77 |wall street75 |street journal74 |foreign policy73 |middle east72 |many years72 |war ii72 |military force71 |south vietnam70 |per cent70 |prime minister70 |cold war70 |white house70 |air force70 |many others70 |us military70 |third world69 |washington post69 |central america68 |military aid68 |secretary state68 |thousands people68 |shortly before68 |hundreds thousand68 |foreign affair68 |great deal68 |military economic67 |us government67 |latin american67 |its ally67 |throughout world66 |quite different66 |world court66 |state terror66 |south africa66 |civilian population66 |world order65 |un charter65 |far beyond65 |council resolution65 |press report65 |around world65 |financial times65 |war crime65 |times report65 |its population65 |occupied territory65 |armed force64
Vocabulary specific to each subject
|medical assistance100 |oil natural100 |energy sector100 |saudi arabia86 |natural gas86 |cuban medical86 |us planners79 |amoral quietism75 |world oil75 |china china70 |relations iran70 |elsewhere world70 |risk starvation70 |america asia70 |energy corporations64 |international financial64 |judgment us64 |bombing washington64 |horrendous crime59 |oil producer59 |south america54 |why united54 |venezuela financial50 |primarily south50 |argentina indigenous50 |control energy50 |corporations hardly50 |prefer join50 |exploration production50 |indigenous president50 |unlike europe50 |india frontline50|social security100 |intelligent design95 |internal language85 |universal grammar74 |universality language64 |cognitive revolution53 |language faculty49 |bush administration45 |chomsky khaleej45 |khaleej times45 |knowledge rest39 |war terror38 |nuclear weapon32 |underlying population32 |unbounded range32 |principles knowledge32 |unbounded scope32 |language freedom32 |shift perspective32 |topic universal32 |fiscal crisis32 |health care30 |growth development30 |universal human30 |baby boomers30 |anniversary assassination30 |use language30 |moral judgment30 |economist world30 |global warming30 |chief economist30 |universality human30|moral values100 |chemical warfare96 |war terror89 |ultimate doom88 |bush ii81 |health care79 |palestinian state79 |bush voters75 |successful defiance70 |moral truism70 |threat terror69 |political support64 |great beast64 |project image62 |messianic vision62 |kerry voters62 |anticipatory self-defense62 |bush administration58 |public opinion54 |principle universality54 |drug production54 |un lead50 |gay marriage50 |actual history50 |bipartisan consensus50 |eve elections50 |politically impossible50 |rarely hear50 |bush planners50 |informed consumer50 |stokes reviews50 |important lessons50|preventive war100 |war terror71 |grand strategy48 |bin laden46 |global wave46 |france germany43 |invasion iraq42 |saddam hussein41 |weapons mass40 |war iraq40 |al qaeda40 |bush administration38 |mass destruction38 |contempt democracy38 |global hegemony38 |domestic agenda38 |regime change38 |force dimension38 |support war36 |security strategy33 |donald rumsfeld33 |wave hatred31 |position vast31 |proliferation weapons31 |establish norm31 |state history31 |victory terror31 |able carry30 |any challenge30 |supreme crime29 |reigns supreme29 |power position29|war terror100 |bin laden93 |international terror83 |terrorist atrocity56 |nyt oct56 |women rights54 |state terror53 |attack iraq53 |moral truism51 |campaign hatred47 |historic offer47 |us rejectionism43 |arab league43 |hate us43 |taliban regime43 |war aim43 |proper response43 |council resolution40 |arab world40 |us support40 |us arms40 |palestinian state40 |turkish state40 |osama bin40 |northern alliance39 |league historic39 |will mosquitoes39 |enhancing terror39 |fourth geneva39 |home soil36 |terrorist crimes36 |occupation its36|permanent interests100 |neoliberal reforms72 |capital mobility72 |project censored60 |statistical tie60 |policy issue56 |private power48 |choice among48 |voting bloc48 |potential vote48 |participate voting48 |style personality48 |voter project48 |vanishing voter48 |big interests48 |government run44 |business world43 |electoral market41 |absence socialist41 |during campaign41 |responsible men38 |total absence38 |economic health38 |political system36 |simplest model36 |american exception36 |class-skewed voting36 |periodic choice36 |half electorate36 |pretty disgusting36 |attributed total36 |permanently disenfranchised36|colombia plan100 |nato bombs79 |bombing campaign66 |ethnic cleansing66 |marc weller62 |serb security62 |rambouillet ultimatum54 |draft agreement53 |security force47 |east timor46 |retrospective justification46 |paris talks46 |osce report46 |kosovar albanian43 |serb national43 |kosovo nato43 |kvm monitors38 |serb civilians36 |nato force36 |national assembly33 |kept public33 |coca production33 |peace agreement31 |drug war31 |racak massacre31 |grow coca31 |implementation appendices31 |forces agreement31 |clinton colombia31 |covering rambouillet31 |osce inquiry31 |irrelevant demand31|east timor100 |san diego38 |humanitarian intervention29 |black panther26 |custom practice25 |nato bombs22 |indonesian army22 |enlightened stance21 |rules world19 |committee report19 |rambouillet agreement18 |foreign friends18 |pike committee18 |within nato17 |panther party16 |entirely predictable16 |socialist workers16 |workers party16 |indonesian military16 |ethnic cleansing16 |world order15 |communist party15 |office fbi15 |moral compass15 |gang warfare15 |fbi agent15 |st louis15 |letter sent15 |select committee14 |east timorese14 |huge air14 |watergate affair14|rogue state100 |domestic constituencies97 |fast track48 |clinton administration38 |financial liberalization38 |multilateral agreement33 |east asia33 |ultimate weapon31 |veil secrecy31 |free trade29 |public arena29 |article ud29 |tacit agreement29 |general tacit29 |agreement investment29 |developing country26 |trade agreement26 |free market26 |oecd countries26 |rights agreement26 |prison labor26 |target date26 |capital flow24 |chemical weapons24 |world bank24 |rascal multitude24 |everyone right22 |chemical warfare22 |mass murderer21 |economic warfare21 |cultural rights21 |virtual colony21|oslo ii100 |free market78 |west bank65 |rational inquiry51 |market discipline45 |business week44 |really existing40 |nanny state39 |adam smith38 |newt gingrich35 |existing free33 |market doctrine32 |corporate america30 |public mind30 |soviet connection30 |food stamp30 |public funds29 |peace process29 |public subsidy29 |business world29 |clinton administration28 |social policy28 |nyt dec28 |social spending28 |free trade27 |children families27 |contract america27 |health care26 |south vietnamese26 |big business25 |israeli control25 |middle class25|civil society100 |free market100 |nyt sept99 |market democracy96 |americas watch95 |clinton administration93 |howard french89 |father aristide89 |clinton vision81 |nyt march79 |humanitarian intervention76 |security zone76 |democracy enhanced76 |nyt nov76 |free trade74 |french nyt74 |third world71 |industrial policy70 |arab state68 |trade agreement67 |el salvador67 |traditional structure64 |peace process63 |business community62 |principal architects62 |architects policy62 |world bank58 |pentagon system58 |structures power58 |national police57 |popular organizing55 |global threat55|el salvador100 |necessary illusion96 |saddam hussein94 |third world86 |international terror86 |george bush84 |costa rica77 |gulf crisis72 |labor party68 |withdrawal kuwait68 |middle east67 |iraqi withdrawal67 |iraqi democrats61 |eastern europe61 |peace process61 |us israel60 |without victory59 |golan heights57 |central america54 |central american54 |west bank54 |withdrawal plan54 |palestinian state53 |international conference52 |political culture52 |oil price50 |much weaker50 |withdraw without49 |radical democrats49 |south end47 |soviet union47 |death squad46|el salvador100 |james lemoyne54 |death squad42 |la prensa38 |client state33 |salvador guatemala32 |proxy army32 |americas watch32 |army attack27 |nyt nov27 |political prisoners25 |central american25 |border guard24 |soft line24 |terror state23 |supply flights22 |free press22 |security force22 |free express21 |hard line21 |attack nicaragua21 |terrorist superpower20 |globe mail20 |freedom expression20 |ap nov20 |right free20 |ap feb19 |central america19 |reagan administration17 |faurisson affair17 |office public17 |civil rights17|pathet lao100 |north vietnamese62 |north vietnam41 |viet cong36 |southeast asia30 |south vietnam24 |phnom penh21 |communist china17 |viet minh17 |freedom dignity16 |bombing north16 |pentagon papers16 |northern laos15 |domino theory15 |civil disobedience15 |gu rin14 |vietnamese troop14 |south vietnamese13 |laos cambodia13 |york review13 |american society13 |far eastern13 |lon nol12 |khmer rouge12 |eastern economic12 |economic review12 |ho chi12 |chi minh12 |american policy11 |american war11 |prince sihanouk11 |student movement11|verbal behavior100 |op cit71 |young men47 |kwantung army39 |cit pp38 |stimulus control36 |civil disobedience36 |functional analysis33 |north vietnam32 |response strength30 |bombing north30 |judge wyzanski28 |moderate scholar28 |animal behavior25 |selective service25 |stimulus response25 |monroe doctrine24 |viet cong24 |human behavior24 |imperialist powers23 |skinner use22 |speaker listener22 |response reinforced22 |verbal response22 |linguistic behavior22 |draft resisters21 |japanese government21 |verbal community21 |war vietnam20 |south vietnam20 |university press19 |draft cards19
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