Focus of Martin Fowler bliki (
Prepared on: Tue May 23 15:51:46 EDT 2006
Use stemmer: TRUE
Phrase arity: 1
Unique words: 4,685
Summary of subjects
agile: 40 articles; 88,351 chars; 1,655 unique words
design: 107 articles; 230,698 chars; 2,878 unique words
leisure: 12 articles; 33,311 chars; 1,264 unique words
refactoring: 11 articles; 16,537 chars; 545 unique words
thoughtWorks: 11 articles; 43,926 chars; 1,197 unique words
tools: 9 articles; 28,371 chars; 910 unique words
uml: 20 articles; 33,918 chars; 848 unique words
writing: 17 articles; 30,053 chars; 924 unique words
Vocabulary shared between all subjects
|use100 |can98 |right91 |people91 |work90 |much89 |time89 |martin88 |reserved88 |copyright88 |fowler88 |thing88 |will88 |think86 |very85 |many84 |software84 |need84 |only84 |differ83 |does83 |good82 |because82 |something82 |particular82 |lot81 |change81 |write80 |any80 |develop80 |really80 |want80 |program80 |find80 |code80 |may79 |know78 |look78 |point78 |its78 |since78 |try78 |help78 |often77 |interest77 |part77 |come77 |build77 |mean76 |reason76 |case76 |system76 |usual76 |although76 |rather76 |another75 |problem75 |being75 |done75 |import75 |idea75 |couple74 |certain74 |example74
Vocabulary specific to each subject
|team100 |agile96 |estimate54 |require50 |measure44 |certification43 |extreme33 |document31 |contract30 |principle29 |session28 |incremental27 |joe27 |convene26 |cost26 |test25 |xp25 |iterate25 |method24 |grid24 |kent22 |scope22 |swebok22 |value21 |technical21 |ownership21 |function20 |event19 |plan19 |custom19 |practice18 |communicate18|object100 |database96 |interface89 |method87 |class86 |model85 |domain73 |framework67 |test61 |language59 |applicable58 |data55 |initial51 |command50 |closure50 |smalltalk46 |block45 |implement44 |junit40 |type40 |subclass39 |pattern38 |collect38 |static37 |service36 |event34 |access33 |architecture33 |oo32 |behavior31 |sql31 |ruby30|game100 |music74 |saba47 |film43 |dive40 |plot40 |jazz40 |settlers37 |road31 |favorite27 |philip27 |island25 |tile23 |gps23 |potter23 |board21 |map21 |route20 |ride20 |hike20 |dialog20 |play19 |unit17 |appreciate17 |strategy17 |leone17 |dvd17 |dominica17 |scene14 |upon14 |trip14 |album14|refactor100 |null16 |restructure16 |framework13 |behavior11 |cringely10 |interface9 |ralph8 |preserve8 |ast8 |transform7 |publish6 |team6 |refactoringboundary6 |alejandra6 |opdyke6 |definitionofrefactoring6 |refactory6 |alter6 |optimizing6 |mail6 |declare6 |method5 |perform4 |observed4 |factor4 |bug4 |bill4 |johnson4 |order4 |przemyslaw4 |thesis4|thoughtworks100 |delivery58 |company54 |rotate54 |hire50 |roy49 |diverse46 |women40 |reward38 |china35 |manage33 |client29 |team29 |office27 |employee27 |consulting26 |london26 |attitude23 |push22 |ability21 |ruby21 |technology19 |conscious19 |uk19 |ops18 |employs18 |geographic18 |mainstream16 |deploy16 |public16 |research15 |meet15|install100 |desktop48 |debian41 |linux26 |virtual26 |switch25 |monitor23 |machine22 |window19 |intellij19 |ubuntu17 |laptop17 |configure15 |knoppix15 |mouse15 |package15 |screen14 |upgrade13 |apt-get13 |console13 |mac12 |server12 |redhat11 |cd11 |video11 |subversion11 |vmware11 |dual11 |morphix11 |dapper11 |version9 |ide9|uml100 |diagram36 |mda25 |relationship17 |notation16 |sketches14 |platform14 |require14 |class13 |associated13 |derive13 |stereotype12 |model10 |blueprints9 |cardinality9 |socket9 |depend9 |interface9 |independent8 |omg8 |sketchers8 |semantic7 |graphic7 |umlassketch7 |width7 |standard6 |engineer6 |distilled6 |reverse6 |height6 |composite6 |show5|xslt100 |pattern86 |feed80 |panel80 |panelist70 |author51 |version51 |interconnect51 |rss50 |bliki47 |question47 |series46 |inch40 |fame40 |anecdotes40 |arm40 |site39 |book39 |basement36 |blog34 |advice34 |transform34 |map34 |water34 |translate34 |desktop34 |thunderbird30 |pump30 |update29 |contain29 |propose29 |hate29
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