Focus of Martin Fowler bliki (
Prepared on: Tue May 23 15:50:58 EDT 2006
Use stemmer: TRUE
Phrase arity: 2
Unique words: 35,987
Summary of subjects
agile: 40 articles; 88,351 chars; 6,647 unique words
design: 107 articles; 230,698 chars; 16,779 unique words
leisure: 12 articles; 33,311 chars; 2,777 unique words
refactoring: 11 articles; 16,537 chars; 1,193 unique words
thoughtWorks: 11 articles; 43,926 chars; 3,357 unique words
tools: 9 articles; 28,371 chars; 2,296 unique words
uml: 20 articles; 33,918 chars; 2,499 unique words
writing: 17 articles; 30,053 chars; 2,376 unique words
Vocabulary shared between all subjects
|martin fowler100 |copyright martin100 |fowler rights100 |rights reserved100 |software developers73 |many people69 |can easily67 |people us67 |many ways66 |can use60 |last year60 |much easy59 |open source59 |many things59 |programming language54 |people can54 |time time54 |people think54 |can only53 |very much53 |people want53 |will need53 |people talk53 |keep eye53 |much use53 |last53 |version control49 |only use49 |good example49 |refactoring tool49 |software design49 |years ago49 |update49 |can find49 |people will49 |whole point49 |web site48 |couple years48 |scripting language48 |someone else48 |pretty much48 |many years48 |things work48 |something can48 |common question48 |lot time48 |every bit48 |widely used48 |interesting thing48 |can tell48 |software system48 |can give48 |last week48 |source code48 |without having48 |can show48 |can really48 |ask question48 |pretty good48 |think much48 |can learn48 |time48 |enterprise software48 |much better48
Vocabulary specific to each subject
|agile method100 |extreme programming71 |business value58 |specification example49 |fixed scope44 |functional organization39 |code ownership38 |development team37 |does mean35 |bug rate34 |incremental design34 |story point34 |agile process29 |fixed price29 |agile project29 |agile approach29 |open space25 |function point25 |scope contract24 |enabling practice24 |agile universe24 |certification program24 |contracting company24 |lines code21 |design contract21 |code base21 |post conditions19 |measure productivity19 |pre post19 |plan-driven methods19 |chaos report19 |very low19|domain model100 |value object55 |data model50 |in-memory database42 |humane interface42 |ruby array42 |service layer39 |implicit interface35 |relational model32 |inversion control29 |enterprise architecture29 |good example26 |test method26 |service oriented26 |come across25 |oriented architecture23 |domain object23 |language workbench23 |data can23 |method call22 |test case22 |static types19 |block code19 |brian foote19 |dynamic typing19 |reporting database19 |typed language19 |methods call19 |hook method19 |tests pass19 |domain logic19 |technical debt19|board game100 |once upon75 |upon time75 |us jazz38 |time america38 |singing detective38 |start point38 |time west38 |something really32 |good bad27 |last couple27 |casual gamer25 |directroute software25 |can play25 |unit can25 |pick year25 |serious drama25 |bunny needs25 |ticket ride25 |led us25 |board lay25 |learn play25 |actually quite25 |itunes sorted25 |jon amiel25 |needs ham25 |download route25 |mapsend directroute25 |dive operation25 |extended dvd25 |saba deep25 |files streamed25|published interface100 |point refactoring93 |refactoring very93 |bill opdyke70 |refactoringboundary70 |null object70 |does alter70 |observable behavior70 |refactoring improve70 |easier understand67 |mailing list67 |building framework60 |refactoring code60 |refactoring can60 |does change60 |ralph johnson50 |default behavior47 |without changing47 |doing refactoring47 |order declare47 |designed code47 |refactoring discussed47 |understand optimizing47 |refactoring mailing47 |code team47 |refactor code47 |fix bug47 |team code47 |invoke method47 |alter behavior47 |different because47 |restructuring refactoring47|operational managers100 |delivery people56 |give people44 |geographic rotation44 |open source38 |source world33 |kind company33 |consulting company33 |client projects33 |employee controlled33 |project rotation33 |many projects33 |open desk33 |think company33 |business model33 |every week29 |company thoughtworks29 |open question29 |source developers29 |london office24 |part reason24 |lots people24 |reasons why24 |management team22 |international company22 |wider society22 |truly employee22 |writing mean22 |source research22 |projects fit22 |sense many22 |large extent22|desktop machine100 |virtual console100 |version control67 |virtual desktop67 |kvm switch67 |windows xp67 |visual studio67 |dual head67 |page told50 |desktop system50 |java install50 |debian desktop50 |sun-j2sdk1 5debian50 |much time43 |computer use36 |debian package33 |alt-f2 etc33 |network video33 |server redhat33 |video drivers33 |desktop manager33 |knoppix customization33 |tool sadly33 |apps need33 |switch linux33 |apt-get everything33 |redhat install33 |pressing alt-f133 |alt-f1 alt-f233 |subversion use33 |lost signal33 |can live33|use case100 |platform independent34 |uml diagram23 |case tool19 |socket notation19 |reverse engineering19 |class diagram19 |want show19 |programming environment16 |data model16 |uml committee15 |use derived15 |height width15 |activity diagram15 |ball socket15 |uml distilled13 |uml form11 |model driven11 |uml standard11 |use stereotype11 |use sketches11 |show every11 |required interface11 |case diagrams11 |engineering tools11 |uml11 |uml use11 |forward engineering11 |sequence diagram11 |different things11 |tools use10 |write code10|focused example100 |general advice100 |code example86 |version control82 |examples show71 |interconnected example57 |site updates57 |question time43 |work book43 |bliki feed43 |books series43 |working files37 |technical review29 |move directly29 |windows laptop29 |fit together29 |particular decision29 |metadata mapping29 |because provides29 |book will29 |things keen29 |water basement29 |book series29 |multiple machines29 |sign autographs29 |rss feeds29 |amount general29 |updates feed29 |proposal stage29 |feed contains29 |hard data29 |working directory29
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