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Prepared on: Tue May 23 14:59:52 EDT 2006
Use stemmer: TRUE
Phrase arity: 1
Unique words: 8,604
Summary of subjects
1999: 1 articles; 711 chars; 53 unique words
2000: 42 articles; 409,499 chars; 4,456 unique words
2001: 23 articles; 190,781 chars; 3,117 unique words
2002: 13 articles; 128,839 chars; 2,528 unique words
2003: 12 articles; 146,619 chars; 2,811 unique words
2004: 9 articles; 116,995 chars; 2,248 unique words
2005: 21 articles; 217,241 chars; 3,468 unique words
2006: 4 articles; 40,864 chars; 1,346 unique words
Vocabulary shared between all subjects
|software100 |people93 |thing91 |joel90 |develop89 |company88 |write85 |right84 |content83 |spolsky82 |manage82 |person82 |page81 |big81 |part81 |month79 |com78 |next78 |learn78 |team78 |will77 |keep76 |can76 |job76 |represent76 |use76 |opinion76 |http75 |reserve75 |last75 |www75 |work75 |copyright75 |joelonsoftware75 |1999-200675 |since74 |because74 |article74 |code74 |service72 |time72 |program72 |need72 |going71 |discuss71 |really71 |want71 |programmer71 |product70 |good70 |know70 |think70 |plan70 |year70 |any70 |every70 |only70 |microsoft69 |does69 |much69 |try69 |lot69 |start69 |look68
Vocabulary specific to each subject
|sabbatical100 |motive25 |november25 |travel25 |juno17 |firm17 |weblog8 |friday8 |strategy8 |online8 |tech8 |cosseting<1 |audio<1 |cron<1 |aluminum<1 |barrel<1 |llc<1 |paintbrush<1 |darkened<1 |disproven<1 |user-hostile<1 |othello<1 |tote<1 |swatches<1 |nearsightedness<1 |oldest<1 |architecture-level<1 |riddance<1 |mortifying<1 |geller<1 |glazeth<1 |conglomerate<1|will100 |work86 |bonus77 |spec71 |can68 |schedule67 |passport63 |salary62 |programmer59 |use59 |code59 |time56 |microsoft49 |bug48 |site45 |think45 |because45 |going44 |amazon42 |candid40 |good40 |jill39 |want38 |product36 |barrier35 |web35 |netscape34 |wireless34 |year34 |ben33 |question33 |hire32|citydesk100 |will62 |use60 |can55 |time48 |code47 |work43 |chef41 |bigstring41 |bug40 |string40 |because40 |multitask38 |groove37 |file36 |xml36 |program33 |product32 |pascal31 |allocate31 |good31 |wininet30 |mcdonald30 |programmer28 |build28 |microsoft28 |astronaut27 |strcat27 |mystrcat27 |globalsize27 |null27 |web27|groove100 |commodity94 |complement90 |abstract63 |code59 |commoditize58 |work53 |file53 |can53 |will51 |use51 |tcp50 |asp48 |vision48 |time47 |program47 |platform46 |because46 |actor42 |sun41 |release37 |open37 |think37 |need37 |system37 |product36 |cutter36 |citydesk35 |window34 |shrinkwrap33 |leaky32 |custom31|lease100 |landlord89 |encode86 |broker83 |tenant80 |culture74 |will69 |post69 |forum67 |vcs61 |space57 |unicode51 |can48 |unix47 |use45 |entity43 |code38 |character37 |utf-837 |vc36 |bandwidth34 |because33 |letter30 |office30 |founder29 |ascii29 |colocation29 |raymond29 |every28 |programmer28 |look27 |any27|will100 |social84 |apress78 |sum72 |author70 |use64 |api62 |avalon58 |send53 |work53 |applicant51 |camp51 |window50 |can49 |consumed48 |microsoft47 |price45 |because43 |going42 |runtime41 |segment41 |editor39 |really39 |longhorn38 |much37 |essay34 |usable34 |raymond34 |surplus34 |custom33 |intro33 |know32|hungarian100 |bond85 |will65 |convention60 |film56 |can55 |code55 |encode53 |use50 |work49 |really45 |because42 |notation41 |summer38 |dell38 |student38 |copilot36 |prefix36 |time34 |documentary33 |feature32 |custom31 |need31 |look30 |aardvark30 |thistle30 |php29 |know29 |assign28 |good28 |barcode28 |usname28|cs100 |recursive90 |donut70 |student65 |ll60 |abstract55 |yacht52 |javaschool52 |java47 |pointer45 |weed44 |programmer41 |can39 |dolly37 |taught35 |work32 |latin31 |mental31 |deck30 |penn30 |parton30 |curriculum30 |conditioner30 |going29 |need27 |because27 |mapreduce26 |micro-isv26 |microisv26 |re25 |struggle25 |school25
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