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Prepared on: Tue May 23 15:01:11 EDT 2006
Use stemmer: TRUE
Phrase arity: 2
Unique words: 82,969
Summary of subjects
1999: 1 articles; 711 chars; 62 unique words
2000: 42 articles; 409,499 chars; 28,644 unique words
2001: 23 articles; 190,781 chars; 14,211 unique words
2002: 13 articles; 128,839 chars; 9,942 unique words
2003: 12 articles; 146,619 chars; 11,196 unique words
2004: 9 articles; 116,995 chars; 8,654 unique words
2005: 21 articles; 217,241 chars; 16,084 unique words
2006: 4 articles; 40,864 chars; 3,208 unique words
Vocabulary shared between all subjects
|joel spolsky100 |joel software95 |part joel93 |http www93 |opinions person93 |spolsky rights93 |1999-2006 joel93 |contents copyright93 |contents pages93 |represent opinions93 |copyright 1999-200693 |person contents93 |joelonsoftware com93 |rights reserved93 |pages represent93 |www joelonsoftware93 |software http93 |software develop92 |fog creek79 |software company78 |december part78 |operating system76 |little bit76 |writing code75 |user interface75 |can use74 |web browser74 |every day73 |source code73 |spolsky wednesday73 |programming language73 |web page72 |write code72 |good enough72 |creek software71 |many people71 |really really71 |will tell71 |every time71 |spolsky friday70 |last week70 |spolsky tuesday70 |lot time70 |couple years70 |potential customer70 |next year70 |can write70 |spolsky thursday70 |years ago70 |code can69 |need know69 |good reason68 |company goes68 |people will67 |web site67 |visual basic66 |computer science66 |open source66 |hard drive66 |web server66 |really good66 |york city65 |software product65 |internet explorer65
Vocabulary specific to each subject
|software firms100 |write several100 |teams developers100 |since travelling100 |articles software100 |resting next100 |november since100 |travelling learning100 |months plan100 |discussions managing100 |com sabbatical100 |sabbatical left100 |people strategies100 |several articles100 |learning resting100 |firms contents100 |thing next100 |weblog keep100 |development weblog100 |developers tech100 |companies motivate100 |motivate excite100 |job juno100 |friday december100 |eye discussions100 |services last100 |sabbaticals86 |last job86 |strategies software86 |last november86 |plan write86 |managing team86|stock option100 |program manager96 |ben jerry96 |chicken egg85 |egg problem73 |wireless web72 |bug database62 |writing spec58 |candidates will58 |write spec58 |web site56 |good tester54 |credit card54 |startup bonus54 |performance review49 |lead developer45 |network effect42 |email address42 |people switch40 |bug report38 |many companies36 |profit share36 |internet provider36 |barrier entry36 |ha ha35 |hire people35 |good programmer35 |time goes35 |having trouble35 |ftp server35 |things done33 |takes seconds32|task switch100 |pascal string75 |dog food71 |citydesk part69 |working citydesk69 |daily build68 |architecture astronaut64 |word count48 |char bigstring48 |big mac44 |wininet dll41 |youthful programmer41 |work41 |null terminator41 |worth fix41 |mistake number41 |author book41 |computation takes41 |eat dog41 |free chain41 |naked chef35 |personal voice34 |citydesk will34 |much allocate34 |content management32 |bug fix31 |web server29 |web site29 |known bug29 |support call29 |told us29 |shlemiel paints29|product vision100 |leaky abstraction79 |asp net79 |open source67 |important corollary67 |demand product57 |pair program57 |law leaky56 |sql server56 |hollywood express56 |e-mail advisor56 |source software56 |know want56 |abstraction leaks56 |vision statement56 |ship date48 |string class48 |extreme programming48 |fire motion48 |different world44 |cutter consortium44 |thousands millions44 |file open44 |video chip44 |agile project44 |open dialog44 |cover fire44 |code run38 |programming tool38 |platform vendor38 |import web38 |data access38|code point100 |tenant broker64 |character set60 |office space47 |entity class47 |unix culture47 |landlord broker41 |culture values41 |software forum41 |windows programmer40 |aunt marge40 |square foot35 |primary key35 |code page35 |landlord will35 |third place35 |year lease35 |article earticle35 |people post30 |venture capital29 |unicode code29 |salad spinner29 |english text29 |sign lease29 |per square25 |creek office25 |square feet23 |company founder23 |european language23 |joi ito23 |discussion forum23 |executive suites23|social interface100 |windows api61 |copy editor57 |demand curve43 |social software37 |interface design35 |developers develop34 |msdn magazine33 |consumer surplus33 |magazine camp33 |cover letter33 |raymond chen29 |rich client29 |memory managed27 |willing pay27 |charge software24 |social network24 |send feedback24 |much charge20 |only people20 |visual basic19 |apress copy19 |know software19 |microsoft lost19 |chen camp19 |sends author19 |web application18 |develop software17 |enough people16 |windows xp16 |people will16 |knew everything16|usability test100 |hungarian notation98 |coding convention93 |interest rate93 |request name76 |apps hungarian70 |wrong code60 |fog creek57 |systems hungarian57 |packing slip57 |bayesian filter51 |project aardvark51 |great software45 |sql server45 |buy bond45 |customs form45 |creek copilot45 |best software44 |road fogbugz38 |before graduating38 |calories spent38 |name us38 |look wrong38 |summer internship33 |best programmer33 |machine will33 |email message33 |code look32 |road32 |college students32 |blue folder32 |us name32|pointers recursion100 |functional program100 |re going71 |cs degree67 |hard enough57 |air conditioner57 |dolly parton57 |abstraction layer57 |development abstraction50 |making month50 |number don50 |ll making50 |creating abstraction50 |programmer cafe50 |abstraction simultaneously50 |levels abstraction50 |month ll50 |tada ll50 |business software48 |eric sink43 |great programmer38 |cs grad33 |coffee donut33 |vision reality33 |month product33 |java implementation33 |java try33 |ll soon33 |drop-out rates33 |fixed point33 |marketing strategy33 |javaschools fail33
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