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Prepared on: Tue May 23 15:04:24 EDT 2006
Use stemmer: TRUE
Phrase arity: 1
Unique words: 6,564
Summary of subjects
1999: 1 articles; 2,296 chars; 148 unique words
2000: 10 articles; 93,241 chars; 2,065 unique words
2001: 12 articles; 100,350 chars; 2,037 unique words
2002: 12 articles; 129,654 chars; 2,432 unique words
2003: 12 articles; 123,381 chars; 2,463 unique words
2004: 12 articles; 115,592 chars; 2,539 unique words
2005: 12 articles; 130,954 chars; 2,599 unique words
2006: 4 articles; 33,584 chars; 1,065 unique words
Vocabulary shared between all subjects
|software100 |joel85 |creek83 |fog83 |email82 |book82 |develop81 |bug80 |can80 |fogbugz80 |manage80 |write78 |track77 |time77 |people77 |content76 |archive75 |busy75 |job75 |thing75 |going75 |citydesk75 |year75 |design74 |any74 |person74 |article74 |internet74 |home74 |day73 |question73 |provide73 |site72 |copilot72 |run72 |host72 |professional72 |author72 |very72 |painless72 |spolsky72 |company72 |chinese71 |portuguese71 |page71 |right71 |discuss70 |part70 |complete70 |since70 |install70 |translate69 |york69 |name69 |help68 |please68 |address68 |net68 |review68 |course68 |city68 |interview67 |last67 |support67
Vocabulary specific to each subject
|sabbatical100 |travel83 |motivate83 |juno67 |weblog50 |eye33 |rest33 |firm33 |december33 |strategy17 |excite17 |service17 |november17 |dns<1 |credibility<1 |lean<1 |blobs<1 |techtv<1 |romero<1 |healthy<1 |beef<1 |source-safe<1 |chandler<1 |inner<1 |sevices<1 |geller<1 |flurry<1 |ziv-lempel-welch<1 |cons<1 |reread<1 |open-space-dwellers<1 |flourish<1|netscape100 |will88 |spec79 |read74 |use72 |chapter71 |user71 |work66 |register65 |paxdigita62 |transmeta62 |search53 |jerry53 |afford51 |buyer51 |blades51 |dell49 |know49 |linux47 |explorer47 |monitor47 |microsoft46 |programmer46 |because46 |certificate44 |razor44 |gates44 |passport44 |sociology44 |non-compete44 |really43 |nielsen41|beta100 |use78 |will73 |work67 |tile62 |because47 |telemarketers47 |user42 |task40 |dog40 |gartner40 |trivial40 |code39 |food39 |pair39 |peer-to-peer39 |test37 |eat33 |nt33 |notification33 |does31 |product31 |switch31 |adp31 |slm31 |server30 |think29 |microsoft28 |programmer28 |saw28 |jared28 |machine27|dave100 |vnc68 |setup67 |spamassassin49 |use46 |will44 |work43 |because42 |mac35 |delphi35 |xul34 |field33 |custom33 |need32 |soap31 |market29 |coupon29 |language28 |transmit28 |filter28 |user28 |measure27 |platform27 |product26 |code26 |choose25 |terminal25 |web25 |usual25 |implement25 |thomas25 |mozilla25|will100 |aol100 |use90 |token78 |except67 |setup67 |prototype67 |file62 |pro60 |work58 |server56 |verizon56 |cable53 |user51 |document50 |dell50 |unicode50 |function47 |implement47 |price47 |emulate47 |dsl47 |worldcom47 |munich47 |bid47 |inventory44 |vmware44 |because43 |return40 |php40 |optimize40 |want40|will100 |rosh81 |price78 |lookout74 |ipswitch67 |nominate58 |implement55 |microsoft54 |search52 |essay50 |exchange48 |use48 |linker47 |applicants46 |work46 |market44 |january42 |think42 |web41 |popup40 |meetup40 |fork40 |imail40 |sysadmin40 |katan40 |rdbms40 |gadol40 |letter38 |want37 |backup35 |filter35 |slide35|aardvark100 |will97 |bond80 |movie76 |fax74 |adsense68 |work61 |use59 |price58 |ebay57 |filmmaker55 |recruit53 |vb53 |podcast53 |interrupt48 |summer47 |film43 |spyware42 |talent42 |server40 |because40 |blog39 |launch39 |really37 |documentary37 |ajax37 |government37 |skype37 |microsoft36 |lot36 |song35 |ad35|calendar100 |wiki37 |ajax37 |candidate35 |reddit32 |flight31 |award25 |airset25 |fart25 |yahoo21 |jolt21 |nominate21 |work20 |applicants19 |elitist18 |donuts18 |missouri18 |arrogant18 |green18 |anders18 |coffee18 |will17 |vote16 |january16 |contractor16 |score16 |participate16 |gonna16 |draft16 |aardvark16 |summer14 |pain14
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