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Prepared on: Tue May 23 15:05:22 EDT 2006
Use stemmer: TRUE
Phrase arity: 2
Unique words: 43,727
Summary of subjects
1999: 1 articles; 2,296 chars; 204 unique words
2000: 10 articles; 93,241 chars; 6,051 unique words
2001: 12 articles; 100,350 chars; 6,447 unique words
2002: 12 articles; 129,654 chars; 8,700 unique words
2003: 12 articles; 123,381 chars; 8,377 unique words
2004: 12 articles; 115,592 chars; 7,687 unique words
2005: 12 articles; 130,954 chars; 8,766 unique words
2006: 4 articles; 33,584 chars; 2,292 unique words
Vocabulary shared between all subjects
|fog creek100 |joel software96 |bug tracking94 |software developer92 |creek software90 |creek copilot89 |joel spolsky88 |citydesk fogbugz88 |york city83 |email address83 |writing software82 |software manager82 |content management82 |any time82 |business software82 |tech support82 |article can82 |tracking software82 |peer network82 |painless software81 |software design81 |painless bug81 |design software81 |interview questions81 |swedish tamil81 |going book81 |since writing81 |esperanto estonian81 |russian spanish81 |software job81 |chinese trad81 |software making81 |danish dutch81 |receive very81 |stupid name81 |book reviews81 |unsubscribe any81 |french german81 |can unsubscribe81 |romanian russian81 |email whenever81 |management person81 |software business81 |address receive81 |provided peer81 |part apress81 |internet nothing81 |help hosting81 |bulgarian catalan81 |catalan czech81 |contents copyright81 |contents pages81 |run fog81 |support internet81 |represent opinions81 |hosting provided81 |email author81 |management home81 |czech chinese81 |professionals translations81 |drivel joel81 |course email81 |apress books81 |norwegian polish81
Vocabulary specific to each subject
|next big100 |software firms100 |firms author100 |write several100 |teams developers100 |sabbatical left100 |december friday100 |people strategies100 |several articles100 |last job100 |learning resting100 |since traveling100 |strategies software100 |thing next100 |resting next100 |traveling learning100 |weblog keep100 |last november100 |excite people100 |plan write100 |development weblog100 |developers tech100 |companies motivate100 |left last100 |november since100 |december sabbatical100 |motivate excite100 |job juno100 |months plan100 |eye discussions100 |keep eye100 |big thing100|spam spam100 |register com86 |chapter ui57 |strategy letter57 |razor blades56 |ui design52 |internet explorer51 |design programmers48 |mach razor44 |non-compete clause44 |air force44 |user interface38 |bill gates38 |code read38 |web site35 |software company33 |oh boy33 |use service33 |information relating33 |using internet33 |post-it note33 |read chapter33 |write specs33 |internet providers33 |moving walk33 |flat screen33 |writing spec33 |goes bonkers33 |source code29 |small business29 |functional specifications29 |ui book29|dog food100 |tile floor100 |citydesk beta86 |citydesk part86 |usability test73 |pair programming73 |working citydesk71 |edit box71 |unit test61 |windows nt57 |eating dog57 |bug report49 |notification email49 |discussion board49 |hit reload43 |task switches43 |can think43 |grand central43 |code review43 |hebrew greek43 |eat dog43 |will elapse43 |wireless networking43 |username password43 |because can41 |internet explorer41 |extreme programming41 |daily build41 |beta test37 |business plan37 |beta citydesk37 |known bug37|dave dave100 |custom field18 |setup program15 |terminal services11 |load test11 |fogbugz setup8 |spam filter8 |web service8 |mailing list8 |copy editor7 |check email6 |ship date6 |every bug6 |create account6 |windows terminal6 |site license6 |server logs6 |delphi programmer6 |management system6 |daily build5 |any language5 |register com5 |private office5 |windows using5 |read web5 |enough figure5 |net runtime5 |man month5 |matter much5 |trial server5 |easy find5 |affiliate program5|cover letter100 |third place70 |email subscribers60 |office space56 |april 1'0556 |control system56 |hard data56 |design decisions56 |sound card56 |book month56 |home edition48 |netbackup pro48 |amount code48 |sql server42 |user interface42 |dsl provider42 |1'05 april42 |card need42 |humane workplace42 |release candidate42 |coffee shop42 |professional edition42 |perfect design42 |release citydesk42 |devpartner studio42 |ca prove42 |local telco42 |takes couple42 |send token42 |apress booth42 |lesson learned42 |copies every42|rosh gadol100 |rosh katan100 |electric cloud100 |comment spam86 |google suggest83 |sysadmin week83 |montr al67 |slide show67 |price advantage67 |will think67 |software essays67 |web application60 |raymond chen57 |ask joel57 |social interface57 |microsoft can57 |search feature57 |left message50 |people without50 |please rsvp50 |server backup50 |people skills50 |conditioned accept50 |sense humor50 |language design50 |indented html50 |lot discussion50 |deciding everything50 |uc davis50 |main server50 |meetup com50 |email viruses50|project aardvark100 |hiring top82 |recording industry70 |every year70 |icio us58 |del icio58 |packing slip58 |live com58 |summer internship53 |vb net50 |purchase order50 |full-text search50 |architecture astronaut50 |road fogbugz47 |boondoggle films47 |default properties47 |aardvark weeks47 |next door47 |best person47 |weeks geeks47 |dan bricklin47 |load balancer47 |movie theaters47 |summer intern45 |best software42 |search results40 |open space40 |very hard40 |talent landscape35 |zombie pcs35 |term web35 |top top35|ajax calendar100 |many calendars50 |online calendar50 |check thing50 |letter resume50 |calendar company50 |productivity award43 |great design43 |cover letter36 |set ready33 |wikis work33 |klingon translation33 |page joel33 |need calendar33 |introduction great33 |fart fart33 |enter flight33 |can help33 |wrong wrong33 |site joel33 |day born33 |great going33 |adam anders33 |ready blank33 |utilities category33 |found interesting33 |interns developed33 |usability design33 |elitist arrogant33 |speak any33 |blank day33 |reddit com33
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