Dear Visitor,

I am a Software Engineer and this is my blog. I live in San Carlos, California, the heart of the Silicon Valley, and I work for Google. If you love software engineering -- this is where you got to be!

When not at the computer, I am a President and a Chief Scientist of Adaptive Workouts, a premier Bay Area Strength Training and Global Metabolic Conditioning facility. We specialize in slow motion, high intensity Strength Training, also known as Super-Slow protocol or Body By Science "Big Five" workout. Regular exercise is the only way to properly maintain your health! We highly recommend Strength Training -- the most intelligent way to exercise.

I sold a first piece of code in 1989. My professional life since then was all about writing a great software. Software is style of thinking, and this Thinking Is Expensive (TM). Once in awhile, I would come across the pieces of code so powerful, I decided to call them Software Secret Weapons (TM). Not all solutions qualify for this great title. A solution is a weapon if it is powerful enough to make or break a software product. A solution is a secret if it is non-obvious, elegant and unique.

I know how to build professional software teams and products that solve hard problems, make real money and last for years. I don't work alone... In my teams, we strive to create a mind-stimulating environment and encourage thinking "outside the box". I work in a highly demanding, yet fun and exciting atmosphere, where each team member is motivated to learn more and achieve excellence. I came to value high personal discipline and strategic thinking. Work on it.

And finally, people you spend the time with, what defines you as much. My life wouldn't be the same without help, profound influence, and inspiration of:

  • my mom (for the copper sulfate)
  • my dad (for saving antique books from the fire)
  • Fedosiya Vasilievna (for the pancakes)
  • Vladimir Amirkhanian / Владимир Амирханян (for the fist radio)
  • Sergey S. Berdonosov (for letting me study with the best)
  • Lena Fisenko (for the Kamasutra)
  • Kutsenok Ilya Borisovich (for the first PC XT)
  • Olga Simakova (for sharing a life with me)
  • Alexey Vertegel (for teaching me play chess)
  • Alexey Savchenko (for being a life-long friend and showing how to live a life to the fullest)
  • Askar Kuchumov (for bringing me to America)
  • Martin Newcomb (for teaching me hard work)
  • Dmitry Blok (for Kruglinski and for helping me become a software engineer)
  • Alanas Petrauskas (for Canada and for the island)
  • Alexey Pogrebtsov (for Bézier functions)
  • Richard Underwood (for the first lessons is software architecture)
  • Peggy O'Neil (for being a human manager)
  • Michael Lenaghan (for teaching me strategy, for showing me the way of Lisp and AI)
  • Wendel Lacombe (for teaching me to work on my career)
  • Vlad Bilousov (for introducing me to Jesus)
  •  Dmitri Papichev  (for mushroom hunting and sincere friendship)
  • Jason White (for showing me how to fight and win a law suite)
  • Grant Ritchie (for teaching me corporate and tax law)
  • Arlen Ritchie (for cognac leather Italian shoes)
  • Mark Evelyn (for sharing my vision and correcting my words)
  • Pulat Yunusov (for being a great engineer and even greater attorney)
  • Katy Wang (for the user interface)
  • Alexey Kasatkin (for teaching me Java)
  • Igor Katkov (for being original and difficult to control)
  • Vitaly Ayzenberg (for being a tennis grand master and a true friend)
  • Kate Ayzenberg (for crepes cooking competition, fishing and bleach)
  • Dennis Tito (for showing me that the billionaires are no different from normal people)
  • Michael Lenaghan (for the quality of life)
  • Rajesh (Nat) Natarajan (for teaching me leadership and to be patient)
  • Osama Bedier (for having a green thumb)
  • Tim Kimmet (for showing me how it's done)
  • Shahid Khan (for goal setting)
  • Rene Aeberhard (for being an architect of another kind)
  • Josh Walker (for accepting me)
  • Neal Sample (for the Trust Equation)
  • Joel Yarbrough (for being a 110% Wharton graduate)
  • Aron Lee (for helping me start things up)
  • Dmitry Simakov (for choosing your own way)
  • Angela Lai (for being Googley)
  • David Butcher (for being RESTful)
  • Tom Stanis (for teaching me not to ask questions, which have deterministic answers)
  • Lora Simakova (for the world's best hugs)
  • Daniel Issen (for the Conway's law)
  • John Cox (for not doing a single ancestor query and for the reading list)
  • Nikki Simakova (for the unconditional love)
  • John Orr (for the content object models)
  • Denis Baranov (for the house on top of the hill)
  • Alfred Spector (for the append-only file mode)
  • Mike Gainer (for peace)
  • Samuel Fleming Lewis and Stephen Kladder (for the interior design)
  • Adam Feldman (for a dual degree and for teaching me how to negotiate win-win)
  • Michael Lenaghan (for the passive and active guidance)
  • Maggie Johnson (for the freedom)
  • Ujjwal Singh (for the equal opportunity and inclusion)
and hundreds of others.

I enjoy working with bright people on challenging problems. You can contact me by phone at (408) 634-6436 or by email at pavel at vokamis dot com, if you think I can help.

Thank you for stopping by, yours,

Pavel Simakov, Ph.D.

PS: I have a beautiful white fluffy dog Nikki. Her microchip id is: 985111000056514. Please contact me for a large reward if she ran away and you found her.