Most of my work is proprietary and confidential. Here are few of my projects that are in public domain:
  • Google Datalab for Machine Learning Education (on Github) -- open-source (Apache 2.0), machine-learning IPython Notebook exercises and classes for automation and management of Google Cloud Platform tasks.
  • Google Course Builder (at Google, on GitHub) -- an open-source (Apache 2.0), online education platform. Use it to create your online course whether it's for an entire university offering, professional training, or a corporate product.
  • JavaScript Crossword Engine (on GitHub) -- an open-source, fully functional crossword AJAX library. Shows crossword in the HTML page and fully handles interaction with user while the crossword is being solved.
  • Khan Exercises for Wordpress (on GitHub) -- an open-source plugin for hosting Khan Academy exercises in your WordPress blog. Khan Exercises make learning complex subjects fun and they are free to everyone!
  • Linguine Maps (on Sourceforge) -- an open-source Java library that provides clean object-oriented diagramming API for graph visualization. It visualizes Apache Ant files, Hibernate and Apache Object Relational Bridge mapping files, DTD’s for XML and more.
  • Linguine Watch (on Sourceforge) -- an open-source package for real-time monitoring of Java software applications. The monitoring can be done by capturing performance data with snapshots or by reporting it in real-time to SNMP monitoring station. Generates SNMP MIB files automatically.